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Mali is a familiar character in the teledrama Kakuluwo saha Makuluwo which is telecast on Siyatha TV.

So lankayouth we thought we’d find some details about this Mali. This is our conversation with Swarnamali Jayasundara or Mali.

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The photos in this article were captured on camera by photographer .Hashan Pannila


Mali, how are you? Because doing these days.
Well … these days with a corona epidemic a bit less work. So most of the time is spent at home.

Your acting / acting activities are being hampered these days because of Kovid, aren’t they?
Actually, it’s not just me … it’s affected every aspect. But I keep doing what I can. So continue to work according to health instructions.

Are you a professional actress or a professional model or do you do both?
I am a professional actress as well as a professional model.

If you talk about the creations you have contributed so far as an actress.
I have contributed to many different characters in many teledramas through acting. In fact, I have contributed minor roles in the play. Guttila plays the role of a flower princess in the film. Some of the teledramas that have contributed to the drama are Mihi, Sathya, Thavadurai Jeevithe as well as the teledrama which is currently being telecast on Siyatha TV. He also participates in short films. Participate in travel programs. He also contributes to the programs of Kujitha Films YouTube channel through acting.

What do you think is the turning point in your life through acting and acting?
In fact, I learned to act from Suranga Lakmal Seneviratne’s class. It was from there that I studied acting and did something like that. It was then that I got a lot of opportunities. That is, films were invited to teledramas. At the same time a lot of people know me with some photoshoots I did with Hashan Pannila.

We can see you in a teledrama that is airing these days. Let’s talk about that too.
These days Suranga is contributing to Lakmal Sir’s teledrama Crabs and Spiders through acting. The teledrama was aired on Siyatha TV. Will be telecast on.

Also, a collection of your photos has become a hot topic on social media in recent days. What really happened.
Yes … the biggest conversation was about some photoshoots done by Hashan Pannila with his brother. Very good response to it as well as both bad. A lot of people know me after that photoshoot. I then received invitations to commercials and various plays. But due to the corona epidemic, it could not be done. Actually a lot of people know me after Hashan Pannila Aiya’s photoshoots.

Most of you are involved in hot type collections. Is there a special reason for doing so?
Hmmm … no such special reason. I do not only hot shoots but also casual shoots. The shoot I did in bed with the lights on was a passion I had in my heart. Other than that there is no need for indication. I do good things that I think are beautiful.

How does your family view such photo collections?
Family Mommy and Daddy don’t like it at all. For hot type photoshoot. But on the acting side, there is support for moving forward.

How is your family supporting you on this journey?
I have my mom, dad, brother and sister. So they tell me to do good things, to contribute to good things even through acting. They like to do good things like that.

There is an accusation that some people take the opportunity to take sexual bribes. What do you think about this?
Hmmm … this is it. There are those who do. There are those who do not. However, some people looked at me after I did the shoot with Hashan Pannila. That I tried to be popular by doing the same. So I have to tell all of them that Hashan Pannila Aiya is like a brother to me. Because I know Hashan Pannila well. I personally know Hashan Ayya. So I tell those who accuse me that it is wrong to accuse someone without knowing it.

You have been focusing on these fields for a long time now. If you talk about the experience you had during that time.
There are so many experiences. When we went to the set, no one knew us, but when we returned home after the play, everyone was really friendly. In fact, we’re having a lot of fun. It’s been mine since I was a kid so a lot of people like it.

What do you say to newcomers to the field?
Those who are coming to the field are told to do exactly what they are doing and go on a good journey with the guidance of experts.

Finally we would like to know about the people who help you on this journey and your future aspirations.
Friends help me a lot. And my brother, who I love so much for my work, is right behind me. He is always behind me no matter what I do. That’s a big strength. Remind me specifically about that. Wanted. And so my family helps me.

If someone wants to link you to his creation, how do you get involved?
You can contact me when I leave a message on my Facebook page called Mali Jay. Through it you can connect to any design.

[This is a google translate of sinhala copy. It’s not 100% correct]


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