” Hitha Pirenna Hina Wenna ” is my own music video


Lankayuth talks to Nirosha Sandamali, who has contributed to several films and music videos, as well as photography collections in the field of acting and modeling.

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The photos in this article were captured on camera by photographer Imesh Nuwandaka.

Watch Nirosha Sandamali’s song ” Hitha Pirenna Hinawenna ” below.

Nirosha … how are you? What are you doing these days?
There is no special work these days. Last week I had work on a film and finished it. Corona epidemics are so rampant these days.

What do you think about the impact of covid on acting?
This Covid 19 situation has affected the whole world. So it has affected us and the acting industry as well. So there is less work in those fields. So I tell everyone to be careful.

What about new designs?
I was involved in a few music videos. He has acted in three films. They have not been displayed yet. In addition, I have done several photoshoots. I have also received an invitation to a stage play. However, it has been delayed due to the prevailing Kovid epidemic. I will tell more about that in the future.

Are you an actress? A model? Can you tell us a little bit about that?
Yes. Actually I am professionally engaged in acting and acting.
And we would love to know what kind of person Nirosha is.
Nirosha Sandamali is a person who usually leads a simple life. Most like to be free and relaxed.

Then tell us a little bit about your hometown and the school you went to, the family?

Yes … my village is Polonnaruwa. Family details include my father, mother, sister, brother and sister in the family. I went to school at Irahandaketu Maha Vidyalaya, Polonnaruwa.

Can you tell us a little bit about the creations you have contributed as an actress?
In fact, participating in that film gave me a lot of experience. Because there I had the opportunity to work with a lot of experts. From them I got help and advice for my acting. Through that I was able to add a lot of experience to my acting ability and through that help I was able to do the best I could.

On the representation side, what kind of creations do you contribute to?
Demonstration means I get involved in photoshoots. I have also contributed to commercials through acting.

When will this work begin? How is that?
Hmmm … I am coming to Colombo from Polonnaruwa in 2018. At that time I first met Rasika Tennakoon Aiya. It is through him that I come into the field of representation. Brother Rasika Tennakoon helped me lay the foundation for this journey. My family also helps me a lot. So I would like to remind Rasika Tennakoon.

What do you think is the current situation in the field of acting / acting?
Now the field is being hit hard by the corona epidemic. Seeing the designs ahead can be a little daunting. So my hope is to contribute to careful travel creations.

You did a song. Let’s talk a little bit about that too.
Yes … I did my own song. I sing the song and contribute to the play. That’s my own music video. If you do a search on YouTube, you can see that anyone can have a good laugh. In addition, I go to band shows. If there is a special ceremony in the Navy, they go to sing their songs.

What advice would you give to someone new to the field?
So what I have to say about the newcomers is that they can go a long way in getting the advice and training of as many experts as possible, sharing their experiences and adding new things to their journey. So if a newbie can do that and move on, I think it’s a good situation.

Who will help with this journey?
I want to remind my family and brother Rasika Tennakoon. Also, photographer Imesh Nuwandaka Aiya should be reminded. Also, the Lankayuth website has helped me a lot. Everyone in the field is hard to remember by name. So thank you to everyone who helped me.

Finally, what are your future prospects and how do you get involved?
Hmmm. My future hope is to move forward in the fields of acting, acting, singing and dancing. Those are my future hopes. Also, if you are contacting me for any creative work, then you can contact me through my Facebook account.


[This is a google translate of sinhala copy. It’s not 100% correct]


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