Kudu Dhanu arrested.


The Police Special Task Force has arrested a woman nicknamed Kudu Dhanoo, who is said to have led the drug trafficking of Matara Kalpa, a powerful drug dealer and organized criminal who is hiding in a foreign country, along with ice drugs.

The woman, Kudu Dhanu, was arrested during a raid conducted by a team of officers including Inspector B.S.H. Peiris, the Special Raid Unit established at the Police Special Task Force Headquarters Camp, at No. 19/4, Kuda Butgamuwa, Angoda, Wellampitiya Police Area. Has been arrested.

Wasantha Kumara Dhanushika alias Kudu Dhanu, who is said to be leading the drug trafficking in this country of a large-scale drug trafficker and organized criminal Matara Kalpa, who is currently hiding in a foreign country, 01 kg and 50 grams of ice drug, an electronic scale, Rs. 12,000 and was arrested while in possession of a mobile phone.

According to the orders and instructions of Special Task Force Commander Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police Mr. Varuna Jayasundara and under the guidance of Director Intelligence Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. M.M.K Wijesinghe Assistant Superintendent of Police (Intelligence/Special Operations/Anti-Narcotics and Organized Crime) Mr. Sagara Kulasekara. The raid was conducted on December 6 by a team of officers including Inspector B.S.H.Piris, Station Commander of the Special Raid Unit (Colombo Region) established at the Special Task Force headquarters camp.

The Police Special Task Force said that the arrested suspect and the drug stock have been handed over to the Police Narcotics Bureau for further investigations.


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