“Thatta Ruwan” was re-arrested for 6 crimes


The Western Province South Diksha Crime Division says that ‘Kahathuduwe Thatta Ruwan’, who was released from prison for more than twenty years due to theft and robbery, was arrested in Kahathuduwa on the 11th for six similar crimes.

The police say that the suspect also took into custody a stock of gold, milk powder and cigarettes worth nearly three lakh rupees.

The officers in charge of the two units have started investigations here based on the instructions given by the Western Province South Deputy Inspector General of Police Mr. Marapana to its Director Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. Lalith Abeysekera to arrest the suspects related to the thefts and robberies that occurred in the past few months in Moragahahena and Kahathuduwa police domains.

Accordingly, according to information received by a police constable, they were able to arrest a man named Thatta Ruwan of Kahathuduwa, who was wanted for three house burglaries and three robberies of gold necklaces that took place in Kahathuduwa and Moragahahena police domains.

During the questioning of the suspect, the police claimed that the stolen gold items were sold to a person in the Kahathuduwa area and the rest of the items were sold to houses around Kahathuduwa.

The arrested suspect is a 46-year-old resident of Kahathuduwa Jayawardanawatta area and he is scheduled to be produced before the court.



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