A section of the dead mountain tiger’s skin was cut off

Ranjith Rajapakse - Hatton


It has been revealed in an investigation carried out today (13) by the officials of Nallathanniya Wildlife Office that a body of a mountain tiger which had died mysteriously was found today (13) and a part of the body’s skin had been cut off by some group.

Nallathanniya Wildlife after being informed by Hatton Police officers about the body of a mountain tiger mysteriously dead in a thicket in the middle of the tea garden of Castlery Ledanti Estate above Castlerey Reservoir. Officials of the office visited the estate and conducted an investigation regarding the mysterious death of the tiger.

Wildlife officials said that the mountain tiger that died mysteriously was a well-grown female animal of about one and a half years old, and the dead mountain tiger was an animal that lived in the bushes of the same estate.

Nallathanni Vanjivi office officials said that the dead mountain tiger’s body will be presented to the Hatton Magistrate today (13) and a court order will be obtained and the body will be taken to Randenigala Veterinary Hospital for post-mortem examination.




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