An official of the Ceylon Electricity Board bought shoes and luggage to go to Japan with the board’s money


Chairman of Ceylon Electricity Board Mr. Nalinda Ilangakoon says that an investigation has been started regarding an incident where the Ceylon Electricity Board paid an amount of 63,000 rupees for a pair of shoes of 35,000 rupees and a handbag of 28,000 rupees bought for a three-week educational trip to France by a top official of the Ceylon Electricity Board.

When asked about the incident, the Chairman said that the Audit Division of the Electricity Board was directed to conduct an investigation on the related payments and that a specific statement can be issued after the audit report.

Meanwhile, the officials of the Electricity Board say that the officer has ordered the money manager to pay the amount of 63,000 rupees spent on the bag and shoes to the relevant suppliers before returning from the trip and accordingly the Electricity Board has already paid that amount to the suppliers.

The Sowakas further say that the Additional General Manager is scheduled to retire next year and the officials participating in foreign trips cannot use the electricity board’s money to buy luggage etc.

The employees who are working in the field of the Electricity Board say that they are not able to pay the board for the shoes of the higher officials except for the safety shoes.


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