An award to Chamari Athapattu


Sri Lanka women’s cricket team captain Chamari Athapatthu has been named as September’s cricketer of the month by the International Cricket Council.

The International Cricket Council has announced that Chamari Atapattu has won the ICC September Cricketer of the Month award, defeating South African players Laura Volvad and Nadine de Klerk.

Also, the International Cricket Council has taken this decision considering the performance of the Sri Lanka women’s cricket team in the tournament against England in which they won the tournament.

There Chamari scored 114 runs and managed to take 5 wickets.



Chamari Athapattu is currently ranked 7th in the International Cricket Council women’s batting rankings and 8th in the all-rounders’ rankings.

Ranked 3rd in the International Cricket Council’s ODI batsmen rankings.


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