Despite the improper suggestions, I rejected those things.


She was born into acting and dancing.

Her name is Rangi Apsara and she is a new generation artist.

This time Lankayuth joins her in a cordial conversation.


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Rangi … what are you doing these days?
These days I’ve been home because of Corona. In addition I write articles. I also do some online business.

What is the character of Rangi like?
Too bad in an injustice. Or so I am, someone who laughs at the loss.

How do you get involved in art?
First Damayanthi went to study acting with Miss Fonseka. After that Nalaka acted in a film by Vithanage’s brother. He acted in several commercials and teledramas. It is through that that I enter the stage.

Do you make a choice of characters in the play?
Yes … now he is not involved in acting.

Does that mean he is completely out of acting?
No … acting in music videos.

What is your passion for dance like?
Like a lot. I’m right about my life. That’s how much I love the art of dance.

Rangi is a person who shows talent in various aspects of art..Did you like art from a young age?
Yes. From the time of going to preschool.

When you were in the field, did you get any improper suggestions?
Yes. I rejected those things.

Are you satisfied with the new generation of artists in Sri Lanka now?
It’s hard to be satisfied.

What does Rangi have to say to newcomers to the field?
“With effort and commitment, nothing is impossible.”

What kind of support do you get from your family for the arts?
Mom is my strength.

What are the future prospects? Will it be seen in new designs in the future?
The hope is to move on from the dance.

Finally, let us remind you of those who have been a strength in the journey so far.
I would not be here today without my mother’s help. Mom is the first thing to remember. Thank you so much to Miss Damayanthi, brother Nalaka Vithanage, everyone who encouraged me to say the word I was taught, brother Sachith, Samadhi and all those who have been an indescribable force around me.

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