I do modeling because of the people who challenge my skin color.



Coming to the city of Colombo from a beautiful place like Balangoda,

this time Lankayuth Chat brings together a beautiful young lady who is on a successful

journey as a presenter of one of the most popular media channels in the island,

challenging her skin color while on her way home from work. Her name is Ishara Dilini Dissanayake.

This is her story.

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First of all, how is media life among Kovids?
These days, Kovid is not really at home. We go to programs. So be careful going to the office these days and coming home … that’s how the past went.

Covid never got a leave of absence in media life. What do you think about that?
Actually when we talk about Derana … our top management is doing a great job to protect us. Speaking of holidays, the Kovid epidemic was a major setback for almost everyone, unable to do their jobs, so I think it’s a great pleasure for our students to be able to speak to them these days. They always tell us that it is because of you that this is how we relax our minds.

Isn’t that the accusation from home that Kovid didn’t come home in time?
It doesn’t really matter … Mom always talks and scolds me about what I’m doing or not. But despite the desire to go home, there is no vehicle to go home. So they were patient too .. We were patient too.

Whenever you join the media field.
I am joining the media with the 2015 Yacht Radio. Yacht is the former Max Company. After that I work at Rhythm World. In addition, Yal TV. I also worked as a presenter. After that he will join Derana in 2018. It has continued to work since then.

What about your program on Derana?
FM Doing a weekend request show on Derana Radio. It’s every Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. So everyone is invited to listen.

How did you lay the foundation for the media?
In fact, from the time I went to school, I had a craze to be a news presenter. There I worked with the Muthuhara Children’s Club of the National Television. While working on it, children’s news was told all over the national television. And there I met Miss Suramya Mapitiya … from whom I first learned about media. At that time I was in the 9th year of school. That is how I first set foot in the field. So there was a children’s council in our Divisional Secretariat. It goes .. so that’s how it starts. Then I studied western music at the Bellevue Cultural Center. Because the music I did was probably the main reason I got such a beautiful voice.

As a presenter, you are also involved in modeling. Is that a hobby? So what about that?
Not a hobby. I fell in love with things like fashion shows on TV. Then I started modeling in 2014. Before I went to Belwood, I went to a modeling class with Hayley Perera. She is a super model in Sri Lanka. After that I went to the class of Nilu Akka and Arjuna Aiya while I was in Colombo. That’s how Photoshoots came to the field. Not only that, a lot of people said you were black and ugly … and I was ridiculed when I was in school. A lot of people like that have said it to my face. I have high hopes … to move forward with modeling …

Speaking of pageant achievements.
Yes … I must first remind Vishwa Perera. I first went to the Best Model of the World Pageant organized by him and Arjuna and Nilu Akka. There I was in the last ten. Then Dr. Prasad Deshapriya should be reminded and that staff … P.D. Entertainment team. I won the Best Catwalk and Best Model award in that competition.

Not seen in the field of representation for nearly two years. What is the reason …
The reason is that I was a little sick. I have a big back problem. It is difficult to walk. So I ‘ve been on medication for almost a year and a half. In the meantime, there were two or three shoots that were widely used. I am thinking of starting work again now.

You can watch a new photoshoot anytime.
You can watch the latest shoot before the end of this year. Because the travel restrictions have now been removed. We have made arrangements to do some new shoots in the next few days.

Does the right person get the right place in the show? Because think about this.
My opinion on that is really … we have seen it in pageants … we have seen it in photoshoots. Sometimes the right person does not find the right place. But some people end up doing one kind of thing that society talks about and then get a crown and get a title. Take it but make it after understanding. Some people don’t either. These things happen when such people come into the field … and when they say they are modeling, they look at the model with an ugly mind … so I have to say that I really have to learn from the right place and maintain my own figure and maintain my own figure if it is ugly. You have to fix it and do a photoshoot and come out.

What would you decide if you were invited to do a semi nude or nude?
The first thing I think is my body is beautiful to wear a semi nude, nude, bikini? Then the next thing I want to see is who does it. Why do it? What is that magazine? Or for what purpose … all that and how do I get paid? What do I get out of it? Because there are some photoshoots we don’t get paid for. But it’s like an investment for us. Because once it’s published, other people call us and talk about their shoots. So if such a suggestion comes up within what I am looking for like this I can consider it.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am Ishara Dilini Dissanayake. My village is Balangoda. My mom and dad are at home. I have two brothers. I went to three schools. First I went to the village school and then to the Buddha Jayanthi College in Balangoda. Before going to that college I also went to Hunuwala Central College. Then my last school was Buddha Jayanthi Vidyalaya. Teachers need to remind everyone. Loves the village so much. A lot of people in the village tell me … when I say announcer … when I say model, they make and send me posts. Talking. Asks when going to the village. I’m a professional announcer, especially when it comes to myself. Additionally modeling. My hobbies are singing and dancing. My first song is expected to be released in another two or three months. Currently recorded.

Is Dilini currently a girlfriend?
Yes … a girlfriend is …

Like to talk about boyfriend as well as love.
Mmmm …. I will talk about love without boyfriend. When it comes to love I believe we will never meet people who are 100% suitable for us in this life. That is a blatant lie. One day my boyfriend told me not to wear shorts … you should not wear shorts … to wear shorts … but if I do not want to do that, then the problem should be solved with understanding. That is why I say that our personal desires are different. But I also found someone who could understand and lead a life.

Who helps and what the future holds.
There are a lot of people to thank. In short, I would like to thank all the members of the family, including the mother and father, who were always reprimanded with a word. Because if there was a rejection at some point in my life, it was that rejection that brought me to where I am today. Did you tell me how ugly it was? Embarrassed? Tried to cry? Tried to send back? I want to thank all of them. I don’t think I reached 100% where I left off. But I’m only halfway there. I have a long way to go. So thank you so much to the florists as well as the stonemasons. Love forever.

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