A young man from Dankotuwa who is a beautician and model


Talking about the work I have done, I have done all the work related to the field of representation.

I have worked with over a hundred photos, over 130 photographers and a large number of beauticians.

In addition, I have been a coach at the Singer Designer Passion Show for many years, including coaching new stylists in Sri Lanka.

He is also a model and regularly performs at bridal shows, weddings and other ramp shows in Sri Lanka.

He has acted in several music videos and an upcoming film.

I was also invited to two teledramas, but I had to give it up with my career.

Anyway I would love to get involved in movies.

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How is Asanka? Because doing these days.
These days I spend time with work in my career. Also more and more going to the bodybuilding center.

How do you get involved in the arts?
I joined the art world in 2013 as a model. After obtaining the basic knowledge required by Mrs. A. Roseanne from the Demonstration Training School.

As for the work she has done so far.
If we mention the work done so far, all the work related to the field of representation has been done. I’m still very successful today with over a hundred photoshoots, over 130 photographers and a large number of beauticians.
In addition, he has been a trainer and stylist for many years at the Singer Designer Passion Show, including training for new stylists in Sri Lanka, as well as regularly appearing at bridal shows, weddings and other?
He has also acted in several music videos and an upcoming film. I was invited to two teledramas but with my professional side I had to give it up. But there is a desire to get involved in movies.

You are a model as well as a beautician. Let’s talk about that too.
Yes. I’m really half of it and I accept it as a great talent that God has given me. Because being a beautician or an artist is not an easy task. It must have been very well studied. A beautician is second only to a doctor in the profession. So we have to study it well. I came to this profession after learning so much.

How long does it take to work as a beautician?
This is my sixth year as a cosmetologist. But I’ve been doing some makeup since I was a kid. With their knowledge, I think I have been interested in this profession since I was a child.

How does it feel to work as a beautician while performing?
It really has to be done with a lot of understanding. Because often when I take my hand-crafted bride to some wedding receptions a lot of announcers ask me on stage why aren’t you portraying this moment today? That. Or maybe today we call your name as a beautician or a model. I’m so happy to be on stage at the time as I’ve been on stage in both fields.
The beauty industry is a job that is highly respected and pleasing to the eye. We cannot make another beautiful without the beauty of the heart. That is why we must always keep beauty in our hearts. Then many good creations will be created by our hands.

Talking about experience in the areas of modeling and beauty.
There is a lot of experience. I learned to work on time very well by engaging in these professions. The latter has met barley with very good hearts. You get to associate with different people. Let me tell you one occasion, a young woman came to me to decorate her wedding day. She has chosen me as her beautician. Before he got a marriage proposal. But he told me that due to financial difficulties, my dream was to get your hands dirty … but I was short of money. I did all the styling for him for free. I help many such people. Even for newcomers to the show, I help a lot and try to focus on those who are more suited to the field.

Mention the salon and its services.
All the beauty work is done in my salon. Brides do all the grooming, skin care, hair care and all the grooming, not just the grooming.

Q: You recently got a post. What about that?

Yes. I am now a Justice of the Peace for the whole island. He is also the President of the Puttalam District of the Association.

Is there no such hope to join the theater?
Often accept an invitation to a good design. Favorite acting in movies.

What do you hope to do in the future?
In the future, I plan to open my newest beauty salon, start a modeling training school for all those who love the makeup industry, and run courses related to beauty.
In the future, we look forward to representing Sri Lanka in an international bridal fashion competition to be held at the Asian level. It will be held in Singapore. I also hope to study the Ayurvedic beauty side and get involved in the work of taking the beauty industry in a new direction.

We would like to remind you of the people who supported you.
I would like to remind my family and all my close friends who helped me on this journey. I fondly remember all my fans, including all the photographers who work with me.
Also, if you want to know the location of my beauty salon, this is in Dankotuwa. Also, another beauty salon is planned to be opened soon on Dankotuwa Negombo Road.
You can also get my information by checking the Princess Carriage Bridal – Dream of Groom Facebook page.

Address of Asanka’s Beauty Salon
No. 230, Morukkuliya,


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