A state award for Kulith for his many talents


Colombo, which won the State Award for Best Radio Playwright (Children) at the 2020 Radio State Awards for presenting its broadcasting skills to listeners on children’s programs at a number of leading media institutions in the country as well as on the small screen as an acting and vocalist.

Lankayuth talks today with the sons of Kulith Satharasinghe who are still studying at Asoka College.

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How is the hired son? We would like to know your details.
I am Kulith Satharasinghe. I am studying in the 10th year of Asoka College, Colombo. I am a student leader at the school. At the moment I am working as a children’s announcer, TV and radio voice actor and a child actor.

Can you tell your friends a little bit about Kulith’s son’s family?
My mom and I are the only ones in the family. My dad passed away two years ago. Mommy is the only one with me.

How does the son get into the field of art?
When I was 7, my mom and dad enrolled me as a student at the Sahan Ranwala Foundation. After that I worked as a child artist in the Ranwala Children’s Corps. Meanwhile, Ammi had submitted an application when children’s announcers applied for World Children’s Day 2015. Then I was asked to come for an interview. I was chosen by a large group of children. That was my first radio show. Sri FM Radio Kids, followed by Mind FM. One teacher’s house, Hiru FM. I am the satellite pod of the Hiru Punchi Panchio program.
Independent TV announced Rainbow Evening. And ITN. Join in on the live announcement with Children’s Day and New Year outdoor events. These days, Pio TV Jayamaga announces Punchi Ape Handaewa program. Soon Jakami will be coming to you on Children’s Television and Children’s Radio.

You said you were engaged in shouting. We would love to know about that.
Yes, I work as a child vocalist in television and radio dramas, children’s films, and commercials. In addition, he also acted in dramas such as ‘Poda’, ‘Hiru TV Seven Gangs’, ‘Urumayaka Aragalaya’ and ‘Avurudu Thagga’.

What about those who have been shouting so far?
Aunt Achini Nishandika Silva first introduced me to the field of singing. Accordingly, Derana TV Ali Malli – I was the first play. The character of Leo from the strange school, Manoharan in the play Run Child, Hiru TV. The character of the champion, the character of the champion Puki, the character of the Golden Sword Cheetah, the main characters in many children’s films as well as a number of commercials, Hiru FM. I was the voice of Prince Rahula’s childhood on the channel’s Sadaham Udayasana and Siddhartha Gautama radio drama.

It is reported that you have won an award. What is that?
Yes. I won the State Award for Best Radio Playwright (Children) at the 2020 Radio State Awards. That’s it. I played the role of Dulana in the radio drama ‘Hiru Sandaham Udayasana’ which was aired on the channel.

In addition to television and radio, what achievements have you had on the school stage?
Won a Merit Award for Best Performance in an All Island School Drama Competition. All Island Singing (Group) won second place, Colombo Zonal Announcement Competition won third place, Co-Ananda Girls’ Media Day Competition won the first place with 20 Voice Vocals (Open) and second place at the Colombo Zonal Student Skills Competition with Sinhala Handwriting on the school stage.

Doesn’t that interfere with school work while engaging in the arts?
No. I set aside time for school work and art work and balance the two. If one day I miss school or I miss class because of extracurricular activities, my friends will complete the notes.

How does your family support your artistic endeavors?
My mom helps me a lot. Mommy is my shadow. No matter how much work my mom has, I make a worldly commitment to my work. Mom and Dad both helped me a lot to get to this place today. My best fans are my mom, dad, great grandpa, white grandma. They are the ones who look at my programs and point out the shortcomings.

What are your son’s future prospects?
My future hope is to study well and become a future computer engineer. At the same time I hope to move forward in the arts.

Who is helping the son with this work?
The son can also thank those who helped him.
Yes. First to my mother, father, Sahan Ranwala Sir, Harindra Jayalal Sir, Aunt Ruwani Hewage, Uncle Gayan Gamlath, Aunt Sarangi, Aunt Prasadi, ITN. Aunt Thushari Aunty, Chandana Uncle, Mattumagala Sir, Niluka Teacher of my school, Geesika Teacher, Geetha Bulathsinha Teacher in charge of Performing Arts, Danushka Vithanage Sir and Prabhath Sir of the Media Unit, Principal and all teachers and teachers, Take this opportunity to thank Uncle Indunil Jayawardena, Uncle Kasun Jayawardena, Uncle Anuradha Sigera, Aunt Achini, my friends and their mothers and fathers as well as my dad’s friends. Thanks to everyone who missed the point.


[This is a google translate of sinhala copy. It’s not 100% correct]


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