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Name: Nipun Madhumal Hasaranga

the village : Homagama

School : Homagama President’s College, Lumbini College – Colombo 05

Family details

My mother, father and I are in the family. I am the only child in the family.

Briefly about you

I think I am a humble person. Anytime I help people. I am still learning as I run my own business. And I am engaged in modeling. I made it to the final 30 of ITN Yusura Kumara – 2022

What field of art do you represent?

Field of representation.


If we talk about the representations that have been done so far as an artist.

At present, nearly ten photoshoots have been done. Five of them are my solo photoshoots.

What do you think about being an artist?

Happy… I am really proud to be an artist.

Are you a professional illustrator?

Yes… I am modeling professionally.


What do you think about the current modeling industry?

Can be really happy with the current situation. The modeling industry has become a good field. We all need to work together to create good designs and build a good name for this field.


No idea to turn to acting?

There is… I also love acting. I am already taking up good projects and acting. I also run my own YouTube channel. I am also acting in it. My friends are also involved. My YouTube channel is called Nippa Studio. Through this you can see my acting skills.

If given the chance to act, how would you choose roles?

I don’t like to choose roles. Every character is a good character. If I feel that I can do justice to that character, I will accept it.


What do you think about the portrayal and acting?

Representation and acting are two fields that can be done with passion. But I think you should have good acting skills. Because we have to get into the role and act.

Satisfied with the journey so far?

Yes… really happy. But I want to learn more about modeling. I am in the process of studying more about it.


Family support for this work.

I get a lot of support from my mother and father. They have never bothered me. I love modeling and so do they. I am happy about that.


Will you continue to work in both acting and acting?

Yes… the hope is to move forward. We hope to build a good reputation in this field.


As for the people who support the trip.

Yes… I have a lot of support. Including my parents and friends. If you want to say everyone’s names separately, you have to write a big list. That’s why everyone remembers in general. And photographers have helped me a lot. Among them, the photographer Bhasita Wickramapala should be specially mentioned. Brother Anura, who wrote the article, is also helping me a lot.

As for future prospects.

My only hope is to make a good name as an artist in the future and move up from business to education.


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This article has translated into google translate. So please note sometimes incorrect words may be included.

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