My only hope is to become a talented actor.



Sri Siddhartha Gautama, who is still 21 years old and has contributed to the teledramas

‘Breathless, Sky Palace’, ‘Mist and Darkness’ and ‘Jeeva’ and ‘Daddy’, is joining

Lankayuth Chat this time.

Sathyavel Vinod is a young man living in Ratmalana

who has acted in several commercials. This is his story.


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Vinoth … How are you? What are you doing these days?
Well, there is nothing wrong with that.

We like who you are. Find out what to do.
I’re a real-time entertainer. I am currently working in the field of Rangana. And stay home these days.

We would also like to know some of your personal information.
I live in Ratmalana. I am now 21 years old. I went to school at BP / Pili / Kotelawalapura Maha Vidyalaya.

What are the family details?
My family consists of mom, dad, two sisters and me. The two sisters are now married.

What field do you primarily represent? Let’s talk about that?
I am primarily involved in the field of acting. I also dance.
When do you turn to acting? how?
In 2019, I started doing art. Brother Sisira referred me to a forum on acting. Through that I got the opportunity to act in the Sri Siddhartha Gautama teledrama.
Speaking of what the acting has contributed so far …
Sri Siddhartha Gautama has acted in teledramas such as Breathless, Sky Palace, Mist and Darkness and several films and commercials such as Jeeva, Appachchi.

It will also be seen in any future designs.
The teledrama ‘Dream Equations’ and ‘Kodi Gaha Yata’ will be telecast in the near future.

You represent an art base. What about that?
Yes … I am a committee member of the Night Creation Arts Forum. I have been working with Chairman Sisira since its inception.

How can someone add to it.
You can contact Rana Creations by calling Chairman Sisira through the WhatsApp number 0717 183 470.

If you mention the experience you have had so far.
I have been in the field of art for about two and a half years now. So there is a lot of experience. When I got involved in the arts I had no knowledge of anything. Also, my relatives told me not to do that crazy thing. But I was not shaken.

Who will help with this journey?
My mom and dad help me a lot. Also, my crew, including Sisira, Chairman of Rana Creations, and my friends support me in the arts.

Finally, what are your future prospects and how do you get involved?
My only hope is to be a talented actor in Sri Lanka. Not on that bad side but through honest and good things. I also want Rena Creation to be popular among Sri Lankan artists.
You can contact me at 076 993 2352.

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