I weighed 80 kilos and lost 60 kilos



All men and women want to have a beautiful, full body.

Exercise is one of the most important things in life.

Aerobics, Zumba is one such fun exercise.

Sonakshi Rajapaksa, a sexy aerobics instructor, joined the conversation with Lankayuth Chat today.

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Sonakshi … what are you really doing these days …?
These days I am doing online classes at Zoom.

If you can explain …
I am a friendly person who is always smiling.

What about your experience as an aerobic exercise trainer / instructor?
First I wanted to go to an exercise class. Then came the desire to become a coach. I was initially reduced from 80 to 60 during my training period.

Is there a difference between aerobics and zumba?
There is a small difference.

Is aerobic exercise taught only to women? Can’t men join?
Both parties can be contacted.

Is it true that you can lose weight and get in shape if you do Zumba dancing?
Yes it is absolutely true.

What are the benefits of doing aerobic exercise?
Health benefits include controlling blood sugar, controlling blood pressure, lowering blood cholesterol, reducing obesity, and strengthening the vital immune system these days. Also known as Fitness Benefit, it helps to support the heart and lungs, improves muscle flexibility and maintains good body composition.

What do those who aspire to be an aerobics exercise instructor have to say … before training someone as an instructor?
Take a course at a government-recognized institution and start practicing and training others.

How can someone involve you in your training?
Anyone can participate in the training. These days classes are conducted through online zoom. You can contact me on 0772865701. Sonakshi Rajapaksha can also be contacted through my Facebook account.

Finally, let us make a brief mention of your future prospects.
As for future prospects, due to the situation in the country, we are not able to conduct classes outside. Things are done online. So, once the country recovers, we will have to see how this is developed. Until then it is going to be a bit of a setback.

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