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The slow pace will somehow lead me to victory. Very happy. About my attempt ..

I want to say something to everyone. I work for myself and work with torture.

That way you have to keep that in mind … believe in yourself and not in anyone else ..

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Q: Sehan …. It is reported that a lot of new work has been started.
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. While directing. That task is not as easy as we think. Chances are a little less. Increased opportunity for good designs. We are going to do a TV series on YouTube again in the month of March. These little people are choosing to give a chance to many newcomers. I am thinking of making another film .. everything went a little late because of this Kovid …

Q: So how do you do your job behind this corona epidemic?
I recently wrote and directed the screenplay for “My Leaving Mom” ​​on the Home DVD. Hope to release the film. And the work on its song is over. It will also be released through an artwork. Also, the song I directed and directed by the camera in Dr. Niluksha Dilshan’s song “I am coming to you now” will be released.

Q: The cut is short and there is no such loss.
(Laughs) I’m not short. There is no one who is as short and short as I am. So two or three beats a year is a must. Looks like I haven’t eaten. And there was a great deal of work recently .. Have you ever seen a man wearing someone else’s pants like him? Similarly, someone has spoken to the group using the illustration photos I took using the name of my Nangurama D. A few people told me. There are some who speak well and set traps underneath. What to do, so these are normal. If I had fallen I would not have fallen. Even though the whole world is gone, my mental strength is good. That’s why I’m not scared.

Q: You ‘ve been away from modeling photoshoots and you’ ll be back in the field again. What a difference this makes.
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like it could be Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Started again … because if I do not take what I can get now, I will not be able to take it again.

Q: At present there are many fraudsters in the field of acting and acting. What do you think about this?
Fraudsters are nowhere to be found, starting with politics. As I mentioned earlier, something that happened to me was a pants problem. So the cheaters are that. I sold my name and several people tried to come. I mean, it doesn’t matter. They are talking about our name. Then our name will be scarred. I do not want to give the anchor a bad name.

Q: This is our first discussion with you in 2021. We’d love to hear Sehan’s idea of ​​new modeling.
A bit reluctant to talk about new modeling. But some people blame me for wanting to say what I have to say. But it doesn’t matter. Demonstration is not something that can be done quickly just by pulling half of a dress in front of a camera. Just like someone who can’t walk just does a shoot and gives the name Model. So those models too .. (laughs) It’s like naming a talent ‘Talent’ and then ‘Model’. Alas, some of our photographers even put the names of newcomers and models on the pages. Don’t do that, it’s a scar on our learned good models. And there are some who pose for photos without even knowing how to give an angle. Laughs when you see a time. I shake my hand to comment but when I can’t do that I get angry. I mean, a model is not just a person who puts her hand on her waist and makes a photo. Asking our people to give a posh is like walking with your hand on your hip and looking up. I do not know. There are some photographers who fit that. Let’s see if it develops over time.

Q: You are a photographer with experience in the field. But now everyone who owns a camera is going to give advice to even the most knowledgeable people who may have no knowledge as photographers. What do you think about this?
Everything changed through what was said. In fact, if the camera came without autofocus, the photography would not be as bad as it is today. Do newcomers have the commitment to learn slowly and learn more slowly from 2005 until today? I’m not saying there are too many talented people who are incompetent. But some just take a camera and become a photographer. You do not have the permission required to post. So some experts do not like to point out mistakes. I see that some of the freedom in this art is to hold the camera in one’s hand to focus on unnecessary things.

Q: Does that person become a photographer just by taking such a camera?
not. Some people would understand what it means to be a cameraman if you load a film roll, make manual focus, light it and set it up. So a cameraman is not just a cameraman. I mean, I’m not a cameraman yet. Someone who learns day by day and experiments with diversity. We have a lot to learn.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the latest designs.
New designs are the things mentioned above. But there is a great desire to create poetry with illustrations. Also do a stage play but this atmosphere is not right to get involved in the work. Lots of dreams. I have a great desire to put filmmaking on the silver screen and create a different true story. Let’s move forward slowly. My journey is very slow and I am here today because of that. The tortoise is moving slowly towards the finish line, isn’t it?

Q: Recently your creation was also advertised on TV. If we talk about that too.
Yes. At the invitation of Mr. Lal Hapuarachchi, I had the opportunity to direct, direct and direct a Christmas teledrama which was telecast and directed by him on National Television. It was a huge victory for me. We have received a similar invitation for another Poya teledrama. Let’s see in the future.

Q: Aren’t you just a photographer and a director?
not. In addition to directing photography, I am currently a screenwriter, currently working on my Ahi, Ma Harahiya Amma films, wrote a few more songs, Dilke Dissanayake sings Obe Oya Neela Nuwan Mage Geetha, Ma Hara Giya Amma Geetha sung by Ishara Geethanjana. Essays .. I plan to do many more creations in the future. I am also more inclined towards acting. The first play was directed by John Cena, who later did a small part of the film and later played four different characters on the Viraha TV YouTube channel. Later, my mother left me and acted in a production called ‘Roshani Ratnayake’ at the Maharagama Youth Services Council Awards. It was a different experience. It is very difficult to play such a character in the middle of Maharagama town. I’m also a camera director, assistant director, photo editor, working through lighting, through small announcements and across a variety of fronts. I try to devote time to a business going forward. Because for those who love art, they have to do something different to strengthen their economy …

Q: Your Nangurama D Production is now popular, isn’t it?
Really yes. That slow journey will somehow lead me to victory. Very happy. About my efforts .. I want to say something to everyone I work for myself by torturing and working. That way you have to keep that in mind … believe in yourself and not in anyone else ..

Q: How does YouTube work?
Yes. Director Roshani Ratnayake has received invitations for several productions on the Viraha Or Channel. I have also had the opportunity to create several channels for Nuwan Aiya (Why I Created the Frog Song). Also, I am going to do some YouTube work with my friend Malinga Bandara for a channel. Let’s say the name .. My anchor is going to do some new creations through the YouTube channel.

Q: To whom have I thanked so far ….
First of all I was a strength to my family and my dad and relatives. Roshani Ratnayake to sister and family. To Pathum Aiya, who is a source of strength for me from England, to Chalani Akka and everyone in the family, to Shan Aiya, to all those who helped me to come to this place, and to all my close friends. To the audience who watched my creations. To Sanka Malli who was close to me on this journey, to all those who have taught me so far, to all those who have given me the strength of a word, to our actors in the arts, to others involved. They are the ones who cut me short and I still think of everything to the best of my ability …

Q: Finally, what do you say to those who want to contact Sehan?
I have to tell those who contact me that I will somehow give a chance to everyone who sends me photo message details ..

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