Efforts to save Harakkata : “Operation Do O Die” commandos arrested.


The Criminal Investigation Department has arrested a former sniper soldier of the Army Commando who was involved in the ‘Do O Die’ operation to free Harakkatta, who is considered to be a major drug trafficker in the country.

It was revealed that a group of former soldiers and current soldiers of the Army Commando broke into the Criminal Investigation Department and shot the officers there and the operation to rescue Harakkata who was in custody was coordinated by the drug dealer Midigama Ruwan who is hiding in Dubai.

It has been revealed that Midigama Ruwan had also promised to pay 10 crore rupees to the commando soldiers for this operation.

Earlier, two former commando soldiers who were involved in this operation named Du O Die were arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department and they have been jailed.

The secret police managed to arrest this sniper soldier who was hiding in the Matara area based on the information revealed during the questioning of the suspects.

This sniper soldier, who was attached to the small group unit of the commando force that goes to enemy territories, was removed from the force a few years ago on the charge of robbing a gold necklace from a woman’s neck in the center of Matara city.

Three other former commando soldiers and some serving soldiers who were involved in this operation to save Harakkata are to be arrested.

The Criminal Investigation Department says that the sniper soldier is being held on detention orders and is being interrogated.



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