Pakistan cricket team’s World Cup plans turned upside down


It is reported that the Pakistani cricket team participating in the World Cup One Day Cricket Tournament scheduled to start in October has not received visas so far.

The tournament will be held in India.

Foreign media reports that Pakistan’s plan to hold a two-day training camp in the United Arab Emirates before going to India has also been cancelled.

Foreign media reports that Pakistan had planned to travel to the United Arab Emirates on Monday the 25th.

Pakistan had planned to participate in a two-day training camp and go to Hyderabad for the first training match against New Zealand on September 29.

However, as the Pakistani team has not yet received visas, their trip to the United Arab Emirates has been postponed until Wednesday the 27th and due to this, it is reported that there is a risk of canceling their two-day training session.

Accordingly, it is reported that the Pakistani cricket team, which will fly from Lahore to Dubai on Wednesday 27th, will fly to Hyderabad from there if they get their visas on time.

However, the Pakistan Cricket Board hopes that India will grant the necessary visa approval before the Pakistani cricketers and support staff leave for Hyderabad.



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