A landslide hazard in Poonagala


Divisional Secretary K. Haldummulla said that 202 people from 49 families living there were safely evacuated as a landslide has activated in Poonagala Galbokka area of Haldummulla. it. J. Priyangika said.

A landslide has been activated in a sloping land near a tea garden and the people living in a row of houses below it have been evacuated.

The disaster department also mentions that the row of houses where these residents lived has also cracked and exploded.

It is also said that a site inspection report of the National Building Research Institute is to be obtained about this place.

Haldummulla Disaster Relief Service Officer G. said that the evacuated families have been kept at Punagala No. 2 Tamil College and Gal Bay Day Care Center and relative’s houses and it is planned to give them the dry rations they need. I. Pushpakumara said.

Meanwhile, Haldummulla Divisional Secretary K. said that 16 people from four families were evacuated due to a landslide that occurred in Koslanda Naulla area yesterday. it. J. Priyangika added.


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