Fuel price will be revised


Fuel prices have been revised. Cipetco said that the relevant fuel price revision will be effective from midnight on September 31.

Accordingly, the price of Sri Lanka petrol 92 octane has been reduced by 9 rupees.

The new price of a liter of 92 octane fuel, which used to be 365 rupees per liter, is 356 rupees.

The price of a liter of Lanka petrol octane 95 has been increased by 3 rupees.

Its new price is 423 rupees.

The price of a liter of Ceylon white diesel, which was 351 rupees so far, has been increased by 5 rupees and the new price is 356 rupees.

With the increase in the price of a liter of Lanka Super Diesel by 10 rupees, the price of a liter has increased to 431 rupees.

The price of kerosene has also been increased by 7 rupees.

Accordingly, the new price of a liter of kerosene, which was 242 rupees until now, is 249 rupees.

Meanwhile, Ceylon Indian Oil Company has also announced that it has increased the price of fuel along with Cipetco.


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