Super prize money awarded to 2023 world champions


The International Cricket Council today announced the prize money to be awarded to the teams in the 2023 World Cup One Day Cricket Tournament.

Accordingly, the prize money for the team that wins the World Cup in 2019 as well as this year is 4 million US dollars. That is a value of about 129 crore rupees.
The runners-up will receive a prize money of two million dollars.



The International Cricket Council stated that the two losing teams in the semi-finals will receive $800,000 in prize money each.

The 6 countries that did not qualify for the semi-finals will also receive $100,000 each.

Also, the International Cricket Council announced that all teams will receive $40,000 for each match won in the preliminary round.

Accordingly, the total amount of prize money offered in this year’s World Cup is 10 million dollars.


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